Keyboard Shortcut Changes and Parameter For Toggling Movie and Dark Mode

  • Is there a way to send commands to f.lux to increase/decrease brightness? I don't like the keyboard shortcuts given because they interfere with OneNote.

    Also what about parameters for the other commands like Movie Mode?

  • Picking hotkeys in Windows is extremely hard! Because everything is taken.

    If you have any to suggest, please post here and we'll try to incorporate them.

  • Yep, Ctrl shift D for darkroom. Ctrl shift M for movie.
    Don't do the M. In firefox it does something really odd.

  • Ctrl+Shift+M in Firefox merges your Firefox windows, if you have more than one open.

    I recommend looking up every single keyboard shortcut before recommending them.

  • Also is a start.
    Ctrl-Shift+X tend to be taken by various apps, but Google it first to see.

    We got away with Alt+{special key} because it's mostly used for menus, which are mostly Alt+alphanumeric.

  • Ctrl-Shift-D makes Chrome do "bookmark all tabs".

  • Hi. I am not sure if this is feasible, but what about using a really rediculous all-modifier approach? I use an app called Karabiner to reset my caps lock key to 'command-shift-control-option' and then use Better Touch Tool to do all manner of macros associated with it. For example capslock-p sends spacebar to Spotify (toggles play). I have not been able to get it to send any commands to f.lux, however, because I have no pathway to map. In other words, if f.lux allowed you to press any key combination while the app is open, I could send it via this combo. I am not a programmer so I really don't know the limitations, but I would really like to be able to toggle darkroom with the keyboard. Can you map APP SPECIFIC command-D to this and let me use Better Touch Tool to get the command to you?
    Thanks for the app BTW. It is awesome.

  • FYI - I was able to use automator and better touch tool to get this to work.

  • Actually this worked until I restarted. The Automator selected the wrong context menu because the order had changed. Please make an in app hotkey that I can map with BTT!
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Is there any way to simply turn off f.lux's keyboard shortcuts?

    I need to use ALT + PAGE UP or ALT + PAGE DOWN so frequently that I basically can't use f.lux while I have my other program, TeXmaker, open.

  • @happyfluxuser there's a checkbox to turn them off in the extras menu.

  • I think if we could just have parameters (e.g. flux.exe -d 1 to reduce brightness one level) then power users can just customize that via shortcuts, AHK, or their choice of hotkey app.
    The other best option would be to allow user to specify the hotkey to do the particular action... which I think would take a while to code on your end..

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