flashing sometimes

  • works well most of time.
    However, sometimes, the screen would flash into a normal bright state and then quick switch back to a yellowish color.

  • Do you have a dual GPU machine? Sometimes there are flashes when it switches between cards or profiles - you can try downloading gfx.io to see if it's one card or the other (and also lock to the card that's behaving better)

  • I have the same problem. It looks like the flux profile is temporarily disabled. I have a dual GPU macbook pro, running Mavericks.

    gfx.io shows that the GPU is in discrete mode all the time, while the flashing does occur. So I don't think the problem is caused by switching GPU's.

    Automatic screen brightness adjustment is turned off. And thus the flashing also occurs when brightness is constant.

    How could this be fixed? I'd love to use flux, but the flashing makes it unusable.

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