Auto screen dimming

  • Flex seems really nice on my windows tablet for reading at night. The trouble is, although the colour temperature is more pleasant, even on the lowest brightness setting, my tablet is still too bright. I can't really use the keyboard combo to dim the screen using Flux because its a pain using the tablet.
    It would be great if the settings had a button for dimming to 50% or even better, a setting to dim at a timed schedule.

  • Thanks we have been working a lot on dimming! Hopefully something to show soon. Does the surface automatic brightness work for you?

  • Fantastic, happy to here that your working on it.
    This isn't a Surface that I'm using, its a cheap Windows tablet and it does darken, but the darkest setting is still really bright at night in a dark room when I want to read when my wife is asleep. Thanks!

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