Windows 10 Mobile (or Universal Windows) App?

  • Okay, so I know this is might be a lot of work, but here me out.

    Windows 10 for PCs has come out. Windows 10 for phones is coming soon. The Xbox and Hololens platforms are coming out next year. See where I'm going with this?

    Windows 10 is growing, and there's no stopping it. Microsoft projects that there will be one billion devices by 2018. Their goal is to have one app ecosystem across all of their devices.

    There's only one problem, and it lies within their phone business. It's called the "App Gap", and it's the bane of all Windows Phone users' existences. It's pretty much a circle of death. App developers don't make apps for Windows Phone because it has a small user base (not many people use it). Users don't buy Windows Phones because they don't have the apps they want. See the problem here?

    So, we have a major issue, and it's up to developers to break this vicious cycle of death. Why? Because consumers aren't going to spend money for a Windows Phone if the apps they want aren't there, and the developers have no right to complain about that.

    "So what is this weird guy talking about, exactly?" Well, here's my proposition. The F.lux team makes a Universal (Windows) app, spanning across the Windows 10 PC, mobile, Xbox and Hololens platforms. It enables the developers to get F.lux on as many devices as possible, and offers the potential for thousands of new F.lux users (there are a LOT of people on Xbox); it also reduces the workload by allowing basically the same code for all devices Think about it - you could update every Windows 10 version with the same code; one could adjust color settings and enable disable F.lux from a Live Tile, and introduce a whole new set of advanced settings when one opens the app!

    All I'm asking you to do is consider making a Universal WIndows app alongside the standard Win32 desktop program. Thanks for reading, and I hope you think about it.

  • I do understand what you're saying about App Gap, and I'm sorry for contributing to that. But we would indeed love to support Windows phone - need some help from the Windows team on this one. They are moving in the right direction, I think. All things in time, and thanks for your patience and your feature request.

  • Agree with MasterSword1080 - it would be great to see a Universal Windows App that works on Windows 10 Mobile. I use F.Lux on my Windows tablet to read in bed, but it would be nice to have this feature on my phone in the evenings. My understanding was that Windows Phone 8/8.1 was unable to support a feature like f.lux but I don't know if the situation is different know with Windows 10. If so - I would love an f.lux app!