Trying to get f.lux into a corporate install system

  • A company that I do contract work for rejected the f.lux windows app based on the following:

    Image of denial email

    Is there any kind of special permission or license that I can obtain to have it distributed/installed?

  • Generally we let people install one copy for personal use as long as the company says it's okay. We will be releasing an enterprise version soon. How many licenses do you need?

  • I'm not sure. Right now it is just me. Although other folks in the US could see it and install it as well. The company has around 65,000 employees/contractors worldwide, but I'm not sure how many just in the US.

    Maybe I'll just wait for the enterprise version and submit that.

  • Generally the rule of thumb is, if IT is installing and requesting it for lots of machines, we charge a small fee. We don't do this for free because it tends to be time-consuming, and it's clearly "commercial use".

    Instead, if you are requesting your employer allow it, this falls under our free "personal use" license, but your employer must also agree that you can use it at work and that we are not liable.

    That language is also (just a paragraph down) in the EULA, where it says this:

    In addition to any compatible personal devices, you may download and install the Software on any compatible work device(s) provided that you (1) obtain all necessary permissions, consents and waivers from your employer to do so, (2) assume all risks and liabilities relating to the Software on such devices, and (3) require your employer to release Company from any and all liability to Company relating to the download, installation, or use of the Software.

  • Just thought I would add my 2 cents and say I would like to be able to promote the idea of including this in a corporate push. about 2200 machines. I understand that it would require a purchase, but i know that when i showed it off in test, it was well received. since you are talking about creating an enterprise version, the ability to do a silent install and force location data at the machine level are the only requirements I see off the cuff that it was lacking. (i noted that the standard NSIS installer command line switches didnt work.

  • @ImNotSerious We charge per-seat for enterprise. If you would like to fill out this we can talk more! Thanks for thinking of us.

  • @Travis Did you manage to convince them to allow you to install f.lux for personal use, just on your work machine?

    Oh, and the "business justification"? Healthier better well-slept employees = higher work productivity = better business = more money.

  • @agent007bond it was rejected from their install system for the time being, so I may just install it outside of their system anyways. Someone else higher up the food chain than I had also submitted it so maybe they will get an enterprise license.

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