Laptop External VGA-out red color disappeared

  • Likely malfunction of hardware/motherboard due f.lux, causing no red color on vga port;

    Computer; Lenovo R61i laptop, Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M. Windows 7 Pro.
    DELL external 24" lcd, by VGA connection.

    After about 1month use of f.lux the red color on the external screen started to intermittently disappear. This was not a cable issue or a loose cable, or loose connector-socket issue, as testing validated. Neither was it a monitor issue, as the onscreen menu showed red color while the rest of the image did not. And it also worked fine connected through other computer.

    My suspicion went to f.lux, as I thought unbalanced load on the red color hardware pathway could be impacted. In any case, for whatever was the reason, f.lux or not, the laptop now had a problem, not giving red color through the vga port. Due my suspicion, I stopped using f.lux, and after 1-2 days, the red color intermittently improved, that is, it worked normally for many hours, clearly contrary to original symptom. I turned f.lux on again, and after short time, the symptoms returned. Finally I stopped using f.lux altogether, and the problem went away within 1-2 days, as happened the first time. Now 1-2 weeks later, the symptoms have been completely gone, since I stopped using f.lux.

    About the hardware; It has been used with this exact setup, external lcd etc, and same load, for the last year. And have not had any related issues until the above described.

    I'm reporting this for information only, to f.lux programmers/developers and others who may experience similar issue.
    I really liked the software, but obviously can not use it now.

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