F.lux compatible with ColorMunki Display colorimeter?

  • Hello,

    I like to use F.lux to keep my monitors at 6000k during the day as its a bit closer to paper/print color than the default 6500k. I'm now looking to run the ColorMunki Display colorimeter which sets a calibrated color profile for my monitors. However, I'm not sure if I should calibrate my monitors with F.lux enabled.

    I've read that F.lux will set its own color profile each second and will disable my calibrated color profile. Is this true? Do I need to deactivate F.lux to use the calibrated color profile?


  • @Eric-Potratz you should always quit f.lux when making your profile. Right after, you can run f.lux again.

    f.lux will load the profile that's generated and do a good job of keeping it loaded exactly during the day. Our UI will say "6500K" but it will load whatever you've provided.

    What I would do is: have the x-rite software make a D65 profile, and use f.lux to do the 6000K adjustment. But either way will work.

  • Hey @herf, thanks for the feedback.

    Maybe I will find out soon, but what is a D65 profile?

  • D65 is the standard whitepoint of daylight for color-matching (used in sRGB, etc.) Many monitors ship with backlights somewhat above this, because you can get more saturated blues if you ship a backlight that is around 7500K or so.

    Most calibration software will use D65 calibration as a default.

    Also, some advanced calibration software will let you pick your own whitepoint, and so I assumed you meant you do that (6000K). But personally I'd rather have a display calibrated in the "normal" way and then use f.lux to adjust it.

  • Great. Thank you.

  • @herf If I were to set the calibration to D65, and put f.lux around 6000K, would f.lux still use the calibrated profile to use when lowering the color, and also at night?

  • Yes, we load it and preserve the calibration.

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