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  • Hi I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the Flux software, which is very useful.

    I have vision impairments which means I can't look at a bright white screen so I use the "Invert Gamma Ramp" feature of PowerStrip.

    Unfortunately the PowerStrip and Flux fight with each other, when you click "Invert Gamma Ramp" on PowerStrip, Flux immediately sets a normal gamma ramp and so disables it. I have tried with other software like NegativeScreen but there is a performance impact due to using Magnifier.

    I know that Flux has a "Dark Room Mode", but for me it is too minimalist as I need to be able to identify icons with their colour - is there a possibility to have like PowerStrip "Inverted Gamma" ramp but with the the nice things that Flux already does with colour temperature/blue component that it does now?

    I hope this makes sense but let me know if I can provide any other info, and keep up the great work,


  • @NegativeGamma If you're on Windows 7 or above you can open the magnifier shortcut: hold the Windows key and press +

    Then hold CRTL, and hold ALT, and press I ( i ). You can take away zoom when you're not using it.

  • Hi @Tungsten_smooth, thank you for taking the time to reply.
    Unfortunately this is the same problem as with NegativeScreen utility, although it acheives the result there is a big perfomance hit because the whole screen buffer has to be copied/inverted and overlayed each frame.
    If Flux was implemented in this manner there would be many sad faces on the internets because it would be so slow for everyone, luckily Flux modifies the Gamma Ramps directly.

    As I say, the "DarkRoom" mode is good but I need to be able to see some colour in order to identify icons etc.
    I wondered if it would be possible for the devs to add a new "Inverted" mode that is similiar to the DarkRoom mode but in colour? Would much prefer to use Flux than PowerStrip (because that's all I use Powerstrip for at the moment but I don't get the countershading that flux does).
    I hope this still makes sense- thanks again :)

    @Tungsten_smooth said:

    @NegativeGamma If you're on Windows 7 or above you can open the magnifier shortcut: hold the Windows key and press +

    Then hold CRTL, and hold ALT, and press I ( i ). You can take away zoom when you're not using it.

  • Inverting colors tends to invert their hue (which makes dealing with color very difficult - try "invert" in Photoshop) - there is a way around this with a pixel shader, but not with a 1-D LUT really.

  • Thanks for the response @herf.

    I am already acutely aware that inverting the gamma ramp will also invert the hue. I already deal with this separately including a browser plugin and desktop icon inverter. These were developed alongside this limitation of inverting the Gamma Ramp which is all Powerstrip is capable of doing. It has no other colour matrices involved.

    I am just trying to get rid of this extra program (PowerStrip) that is not compatible with Flux- in fact they royally fight to take control of the gamma ramp! Nothing more complex e.g. Colour matrices etc. is involved...

    I hope this is still clear, if there is an experimental/developer switch that could be added to Flux that does exactly what Flux does now, but on an inverted Gamma Ramp, I'd be really grateful and would mean that I could still benefit from the utility despite my inability to look at a bright white screen.

    Thank you kindly for your attention you have given.

  • @NegativeGamma okay - I didn't know anyone would want this, but it is possible to add it. :)

  • Thank you @herf @f-lux-team, let me know if you need any other info or would like me to a test a build. All the best for now- InvertedGamma

  • Hello again, I was just checking to see if there had been an update or if someone has been able to make a quick build with Inverted Gamma... Hope you can let me know soon, all the best.

  • gentle bump :)

  • Hi folks - just checking in to see if there was any news on this?
    @herf - you thought it would be possible to add this feature, can this just be a command line switch maybe?
    Sorry to keep on posting I am trying to be patient and understanding of the devs time but if there is anyway that this feature can please be added I would be so grateful.
    thank you again for taking the time to read/respond and any updates you can provide.

    I love "DarkRoom" mode and this would make it perfectly usable.

  • I will make a note to add a registry key for this.

    We prototyped Darkroom this way so the code is still there, but it does look strange.

  • Nice to see someone else had the same problem. I would really like to be able to use flux instead of powerstrip for the same reasons. Hope it works out!

  • @dexterious Thanks for posting, the feeling is the same!

    Also the problem became more serious for me at home because PowerStrip has run out of license (1 year trial) and I don't know if EnTech even license the software any more :( At any rate having this in F.Lux would make a world of difference!

    I started looking today at which registry settings that PowerStrip was modifying (From a different computer using SysInternals ProcMon) because maybe for now a registry patch file might serve the same purpose so not needing PowerStrip at all (Because InvertedGamma is literally all I use that software for!)

    When herf adds the registry option it means that I can start using F.LUX again which I am really looking forward to because of the delicate countershading it provides as one passes into the late night and early morning hours...

    Inverted Gamma forever! :)

  • Hi @herf just checking in as it has been a while since there is any activity on this thread.
    Did you get a chance to add the developer switch to allow inverted colour on F.Lux ?

    Many kind regards,


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