Does f.lux have to be running, to work? iOS 9.2

  • I just got f.lux sideloaded onto my iPhone 6s+ running iOS 9.2

    I noticed that if you open the app --> set it to the temperature you want --> go home, and then close it from recent apps, it will stay at that temperature. It will work with all apps, but it just doesn't change temp on the schedule you set.

    If you open it, and close it before it sets to the current correct temperature, it won't work.

    So now I am assuming it must be open all the time to update and work as meant.

    • I am okay with doing this, I just wanted to ask what kind of impact this will have on my battery? It's too important to test during a work day, so I probably won't be able to for a while.


  • did you turn off location maybe? It needs that to run. Unfortunately Apple shut down our sideload project in November so you're using the very first release of it with no bug fixes.

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