Flux only displays on one monitor out of three

  • I updated the graphic drivers for the video card and the monitors, but flux only displays on the laptop monitor and not the second and third monitors.

    It's a Lenovo Yoga 12 running windows 10. The monitors are Acer V193w and one is on a VGA cable to the dock and the other is a VGA to HDMI adapter to the dock.

    Can't get the Nvidia graphics panel to open either, but I can get the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel up.

    Tried making one of the monitors the primary screen to see if that was it, but flux stayed on the laptop screen. I love love love flux, but it is really weird to look at one orange screen and two blue ones!

  • @odatbun If the dock connects via USB then f.lux will not be able to function. It needs a direct connection to the (either) Intel or Nvidia graphics hardware.

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