Can we get an option to set a "bedtime" and have F.lux not kick in until a few hours before then?

  • I've downloaded F.lux and had it running for a few weeks now, and I honestly hate how it activates so early in the winter. Where I live, dusk is around 5:30pm everyday now, so that is when F.lux will kick in, yet I don't go to sleep until around midnight-1am each night due to classes and homework.

    Its very annoying to keep turning F.lux off for an hour at a time multiple times while doing homework or watching Netflix because dusk is so damn early compared to my bedtime. I would really love a feature that lets me set a bedtime, say midnight, and F,lux wouldn't kick in until ~2 hours before the set bedtime, even if dusk happened to be hours earlier.

  • In the meantime, why not instead just manually change the 'At night' color temperature to 6500K until you are ready for it to be warmer?

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