flux overriding brightness in openGL games

  • Whenever I have flux running I cant brighten up my openGL game, the brighter picture flashes shortly but then reverts to the darkest setting.

    I don't mind the color change but I need to see what I'm doing in this game.

    "Disable 1 hour" does not change this, I have to exit flux completely.

  • I'm fairly new to using f.lux - I love it! Great application. However, I also love my game and it's waaaay to dark (so dark it causes eye strain) without adjusting the gamma.

    I have the same issue, even if I "Disable f.lux for 1 hour" it still prevents my game brightness setting from working. Just like your experience, it briefly flashes brighter then back to the same darkness, regardless of what brightness I try to set.

    I don't know if I can keep using this wonderful program if I have to uninstall it every time I want to play this game?!?

  • You don't have to uninstall it. Just right-click the icon in the Notification Area and choose "Exit f.lux". Open it back up when you're done gaming.

  • Thanks.

    After a little more reading I found that if you turn the brightness up to max with the ALT-PGUP key then it has no effect on the in game setting. Minor annoyance - when you press the ALT-PGUP to change brightness it either brings the f.lux app to foreground or at least it causes the game to no longer be the foreground/full screen app. Not a big deal of course. Having the benefit of f.lux is worth a lot more than the inconvenience now that I know the "brightness" setting works even though "disabling" it doesn't.

    Maybe I'll figure out how to setup a script which closes flux, launches my game, then re-launches flux when I exit the game :)

  • Whoa, weird. So, pressing Alt+Page Up even though it's already maxed out works? I am asking because I have this problem in a couple of my games but I lack the time right now to test them.

  • @sleepcat Run the game in "full window", "borderless windowed", or just windowed mode if that's the only other option.

  • @TwoCables When I turn brightness all the way up in f.lux it lets the game's own settings work normally for me.

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