Bug on Windows 10: flux locking ICC profile

  • Took me forever to figure out that Flux was causing my issue. I was ripping my hair out trying to fix this.
    I'm on Windows 10 latest version with R9 290 video card. I have Flux 3.10 running though it's not enabled since it's daylight. I was trying to change ICC profiles for my new monitor which I downloaded but I noticed whenever I changed the profile, it would only last for a second and then revert back. Flux is the cause of this. If I close Flux, this doesn't happen. Even if I have Flux running and disable it manually for an hour, it still locks the ICC profile and Windows is unable to change it.

  • So f.lux should respect the ICC profile. Have you tried closing f.lux and reopening?

    Also where did you get your ICC profile -- have you been to TFTcentral? They really know their stuff!

  • Yeah my ICC profile is from TFTcentral :D
    If I close Flux, I can set ICC profile. Then I reopen Flux, and everything is fine. The bug is that when Flux is open I cannot change ICC profile. It must be closed.

  • F.lux will read your icc profile every 10 minutes.

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