should have more sources of light

  • I suggest they add more sources of light for their settings, seems to me in an old version it was the case but in version 3.1 the only ones remaining are halogen and incandescent. Most light bulbs nowadays are fluorescent and it's the case in the 8-floors building I live in where every single light bulb is fluorescent, including my apartment. I've been using Flux for a long time and it seems to me fluorescent was available in a previous version but it's not the case anymore. Anyway, I suggest that more sources of light in their settings would benefit the users of F.lux


  • For now, fluorescent is 4100K.

  • @Strange-Realms also, right click the icon that's by the clock and please confirm you are on 3.1. That is a beta version from 2013, and it should have alerted you of an update, and daily at that. If you do not have the check mark by "Install updates automatically" that's fine.

    Just go to the f.lux homepage and redownload the new version WITHOUT exiting nor uninstalling the current running version, it will do all that with much less hassle on it's own.

  • Yeah, there's no need to exit and uninstall f.lux first.

  • @TwoCables Yep it actually makes things a lot more complicated if you do that!

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