Getting F.lux without jailbreaking your phone

  • Hey!

    My apologies if this has been answered before. I've searched the forum but didnt find anything... I'm trying to get f.lux on my Iphone six, but I don't want to jailbreak it. I was going to try to sideload it but the file is missing from the page.
    Does this mean that sideloading it isn't an option anymore? What can I do now?
    Thanks for the help!

  • I think if you search on Github there's still a project on there where you can get it.

  • Because of Apple legal demands, it's not permitted to discuss how to get the sideload xcode project here.

    Please note that some of the files floating around out there don't match the original download. This may be a good thing - one project has a recent commit for "black screen fix #19". On the other hand, beware as always about installing apps from unknown sources. I guess you can get the original, compare the files, and decide for yourself.

    I found the original by googling the file name. You can verify that it's the real thing by entering this in Terminal:

    shasum -a 256

    Then type a space, then drag and drop the master zip file onto the Terminal window and press return. Confirm that the result matches the SHA 256 fingerprint herf posted.

    I've heard there may be problems with it on the latest iOS and Xcode, this "black screen" for one. I don't know really, because I didn't go through with the installation. Something about it has to send a stream of notifications while it's working, possible problems on the latest iOS, and basically that it's an unfinished beta that will never be updated. YMMV. I found that sticking a piece of orange plastic film over the screen at night works fairly well...

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