Feature request: Auto disable when movie is playing

  • This is a suggestion for improving the movie mode: It would be nice to have an option to auto disable f.lux when a movie is playing.

    To avoid unnecessary disabling/enabling every time a user opens or closes a video file, f.lux could either pop-up an alert like "It seems that you are watching a movie. Should f.lux get disabled?" or it could just wait 1-2 minutes (or whatever time limit the user would set from the program's options) and then get disabled automatically.

    I believe I would prefer the second option since it would be easier to autostart again when it detected that the video is closed.

  • @giorgos Have you had a look at the movie mode? Similar requests have been made, and are available for mac, and you're using Windows after I just checked so that's not available. Darn, well, you can hold ALT + End to quickly disable f.lux.

  • i just signed up to the forum just now to ask for the same thing! i nearly always disable flux when im watching a movie or when im playing games on steam. with games it's annoying because i usually notice only after the game starts and goes fullscreen, so then i have to quit the game and disable flux and then restart it. first world problems.

    i was thinking though, if there was at least some command line options for disabling and enabling things, then autohotkey scripts could be used to switch automatically when certain windows are active. like if VLC is the active window it could switch to movie mode or if it was some other program like photoshop you could have it disable altogether. it would be very easy to set that up in autohotkey even if you havnt used it before. youd just have to copy somebody elses script and change the program names! you could eve have different settings depending on the time of day.

    having that feature built into flux would be even better of course but just adding command line options would probably be less effort on the developers end?

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I checked movie mode - it is almost what I want, but the problem is that I need to remember and manually set it. It's no big deal for me and I can get used to it, but I would always prefer it if it was a "set it and forget it" setting.

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