Flickering during the transition period

  • Hi. I installed f.lux and it is flickering during the transition period. I read through the FAQ and did not find anything that helped. When it gets through the 20 second transition period, it stays dimmed properly. Unfortunately the transition happens after every restart. Is there a way to transition instantly instead of gradually?


    My specs are:
    ASUS G751JY Laptop
    Intel i7 4720HQ
    GeForce GTX 980M Driver version 361.43
    Win 10 Home

  • Today I solved the same problem . I have an Asus Zenbook ux303 . Eventually helped uninstall utility from the manufacturer . Try uninstalling ASUS Splendid utility to stop flickering, this helped me.

  • This also fixed it for me, thank you so much! I uninstalled ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement and now can use the 60m setting without flickering on startup.

  • AHH. YES THANK YOU. This definitely helped. This issue has been driving me nuts for a while. Thank you so much.

  • thank you for posting this solution!

  • As a side note, I had this issue too and just switched to fast transitions. That seemed to remove the problem.

  • @nataelj Could you please provide your video hardware, there are a couple ways to do this. The first is using "dxdiag" that's Windows' Direct X Diagnostics (Direct X is what a lot of games use for graphics / sound / controller acceleration, to work basically).

    into the start menu and open dxdiag, and go to "Display".

    You can also use "device manager" to view video hardware.
    Type 'device' in the start menu and open the device manager. Then go to display adapters, and right click, choose Properties. List the model there.

  • I have registered just to reply to this post; I am using f.lux for a few years on many monitors. Thanks to the creators. I have the same problem; the Eye Care technology in recent Asus monitors (Splendid application) work with problems along with f.lux especially when restarting windows. I also have this problem with my UX303B model ultrabook. The computer is almost unusuable for about 45 seconds in the first transition period. But after the transition, it's ok; no problems after that. I use latest drivers for both hd graphics drivers and nvidia drivers along with latest f.lux app.

    The problematic question is, I don't want to lose the Eye Care functionality since it brings other goodies for eye health and if possible I would like to have an instant transititon which will avoid the waiting problem.


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