What exactly do the new extreme color changes do to my system?

  • I'm just curious of what is the "small change" that f.lux has to do to my system in order to make the new warmer colors like candle, amber, etc. possible.

    The FAQ says:
    How do I use the new warmer colors and "Darkroom" mode on Windows?
    These features require a small change to your system and a reboot. You can look in the "Lighting at Night" menu and choose "Expand Color Range". f.lux will ask for Administrator access and offer to reboot your PC Now or Later. After your next reboot, you will be able to access more dramatic color changes.

  • I would like to know the answer to this as well. I unfortunately accepted the Windows UAC elevation request, but now I have no idea what it actually did to my system or more importantly, how may I UNDO what was changed please?

    PS: I am a software engineer so if it requires something like modifying the registry, I am open to doing so, just want to revert whatever your software 'did'. Thank you.

  • To undo the change, you uninstall f.lux. It will ask you if you want to undo that change (with better wording than that).

    I don't think you guys have anything to worry about: Michael and Lorna (the only people behind f.lux) aren't malicious.

  • Thank you! That worked.

  • @Hydrogen said:

    Thank you! That worked.

    You're welcome!

  • It adds a key into the registry called something like "Expanded Gamma" something to do with gamma. I'm not sure at all why Windows chose to limit it at all, but that's why it needs to be expanded.

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