Possible to disable during the day?

  • I like to use f.lux in the evening before going to bed, but does it add something during the day? The colors are cold either way, the only difference, it seems to me, is that it overrides my gamma correction.

    I work as a designer, so currently I have to manually stop / start f.lux whenever I start working / go home. To me, it would be very useful if f.lux only affected colors during the nighttime. (The 'disable for 1 hour' is simply too short for me)

  • @Gnorfidorf You work as a designer, have you used a true hardware calibrator to calibrate the monitor? They cost around $70-100 at the lower end.

  • I never understood why there isnt a feature to disable for multiple hours.

    Same like on Android when you want to silence your phone for 1 or more hours. Sometimes its for a movie (3 hours), sometimes for work (9 hours). F.lux could really use this feature as well.

  • I think a part of the problem is, f.lux was and still is developed and designed by only 2 people: Michael and Lorna. They are "the f.lux team". Another problem I see is, they don't really do any public beta testing nor do they have a big team of people doing private beta testing. They just make it as they see fit and then release it and hope for the best.

    Always remember that they are doing this for free. They aren't getting financially compensated for it at all - at least not for f.lux or the time they put into it. This is a project of passion.

  • I just set it to 6600K during the day, that should be effectively disabled.