Letters turn blue

  • After installing this app on windows 8 and when the app in running, all my letters turn blue. It is on all installed programs. I have a similar app on my smartphone and there i don't have the problem. So i can conclude it has nothing to do with my eyes. These blue letters with a red filter is very annoying and very exhausting for my eyes. How can i fix this? I looked in this forum but i didn't find any post similar like mine?

  • @MojoStar That's very strange, was it always like this?
    Edit: Can you please take a picture of this effect with your phone? A page that's very easy for picture uploads is "imgur".

    Maybe you can try reducing the contrast (not brightness, as it just affects the brightness of the backlight) setting because it sounds like this may be the case. Also if that setting is around 40-50 and you lower it with no change, then change it back to what you want, (as high as it can go without washing out the colors).

    Also what kind of video hardware do you have, if you're not sure, you can find out very quickly.
    Open the start menu, and type

    This is the DirectX Diagnostics, and it has a page called "Display" that will conveniently list your video hardware. This will help you to update your drivers if need be. So if you have Intel drivers, you need to find the Intel driver update page. For AMD go to their page, and the same for Nvidia.

    If none of this works, that's O.K., I'll keep trying.

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