win 7 reports f.lux doesn't work anymore , yet it does somehow

  • First of all i'd like to say how much i love f.lux !
    Unfortunatly , as mentioned in the title, i encountered an issue (first i've ever had with f.lux) . It seems to work fine in a game i play , but as soon i go out of it flux stops working. Sometimes it does show in the sidebar but vanishes .
    On startup and when i start flux manually , win 7 reports flux no longer working.
    What could be the issue ? date of encounter of this issue:today 13th of january 2016.

  • @Kathrin-Marex Is this game in full screen and also can you see the f.lux effect while in game?

    You may try running the game in a borderless windowed mode if you can set that up.

    Also when have you updated your video drivers?

  • Thanks for the reply Tungsten_smooth
    It is in full screen and i can see the flux effect only in game atm.
    I'd rather not go windowed for this game since it has scaling issues in windowed mode at my prefered resolution.
    I last updated my gpu driver on the 24th of November 2015, to version 359.06 . The modell is a nvidia gtx 670.

  • @Tungsten_smooth I updated windows and it fixed the f.lux issue .
    I should have checked that first since its on manual updating due to the win 10 update sneaking in . Sorry to have wasted your time and ty again.

  • @Kathrin-Marex that's cool, thanks for the update.

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