enable f.lux after disabling it

  • I had to disable f.lux in order to update another program. How do I enable f.lux again? I don't see a f.lux icon on my desktop.

  • By your clock, there is a small white triangle (you can make this easier very easily which I will detail). Click the triangle, and either right click and choose "disable" to remove the checkbox or left click and uncheck the box.

    To make the icon easier to see (bigger), also more detailed, and in a way where you don't have to click the triangle do the following:

    1. Open "All Programs" in the start menu.
    2. Find "Flux Software"
    3. Click the folder one time to expand list.
      4. Right click the f.lux program, and choose "Pin to Taskbar" or Pin to Start Menu.

    The task bar is by default at the bottom of the screen with your start button, open programs, clock etc. I prefer mine on the left of the screen instead.

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