iOS 9.3 brings "Night Shift", the f.lux by Apple...

  • This explain why Apple wasn't happy when you released f.lux Xcode version.

    "A lot of waking hours went into thinking about sleep.
    Many studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms and make it harder to fall asleep. Night Shift uses your iOS device’s clock and geolocation to determine when it’s sunset in your location. Then it automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes. In the morning, it returns the display to its regular settings. Pleasant dreams.

  • ha, was just about to post the same thing. interesting stuff, wonder if there will be any other options such as darkroom etc....will f.lux side loaded work alongside this ok?

  • Great job f.lux team! I think we can attribute this iOS feature addition solely to your push with the sideloaded app. Thank you guys!!

  • Wow, that's just cheap as hell. What a bunch of copiers--they don't even give an ounce of credit for the efforts of the jailbreak app, or the xcode sideload. I mean, just a simple, "We added this as we saw how nice f.lux is, and decided to include it into the system". I mean just absolutely nothing.

    They could just copy / pase the code and nobody would know, except them.

  • Please tell me that you could collaborate with apple! And if not - please give me an opportunity to donate. You really do deserve respect and a reward for your work!!!!

  • Well, for what it's worth: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". So congratulations to the f.lux team for making the list of illustrious developers who've had their apps appropriated by Apple!

    Oh, and one more thing... looks like they didn't call it Night Shift for nothing:

  • @Tungsten_smooth that's not exactly true. They could not copy code. The f.lux code is not open. The "side-load" copy of f.lux had an embedded binary, presumably to prevent people from stealing the code. Some have speculated that this is the actual reason for Apple's cease and desist letter to f.lux. Because this method could be emulated by others for more malicious purposes, including malware and piracy. Regardless, I think this is a best case scenario. This functionality should absolutely be part of every OS. I'm sure the f.lux team will be happy to see Apple taking a huge positive leap on this front!

  • @kenny113 oh yeah they did hide the code! Well that was probably for the best, I guess we'll see how accurate the colors are.

    I'd like to get 9.3 on my iPad 2.

  • @Tungsten_smooth You can't. The function works on 64-bit devices only.


  • @tochkinade really 64bit only, haven't seen that anywhere else? Will be a shame but in that case I hope the sideload still works....
    That's really annoying though if it's true, as clearly the function is possible on older devices.

  • @jdflux True, f.lux works on any iOS device. The restriction may be a way to force users to buy more. Planned obsolescence in effect.

  • @tochkinade yep think your probably right. Having just checked elsewhere, you are right, no nightshift on older devices. Finger crossed apple don't scupper the sideload then!

  • @jdflux The sideload version needs to be updated for it prompts for password several times a day and leaves artifacts on the screen. GoodNight application, that also requires sideloading, works better. The jailbreak version of f.lux works well.

  • @tochkinade cool thanks for the info. Well unless/until there's a sideload update this will be the point where I stop iOS updates. Can't go back to the pre-f.lux days! On the other hand might start looking into jailbreaks for 9.3....

  • This was so not cool. I'm personally really disappointed from Apple after this.
    Basically this is the reason that they didn't let f.lux be in the Store and now talk about "we created". Dude f.lux is there for 5 years...

    It's called Night Shift, because I think that they have just copied RedShift( which is basically Open Source f.lux.

    And note that I'm the developer of software which also has blue light reduction feature, but you know I at least give credit to f.lux for this every chance I have. This is their thing. The blue light, sleep cycle, location, etc. This is f.lux, not Apple genius, different, innovative, Night Shift.

    It's so hard to make this working on iOS without jailbreaking it and I'm sure that the f.lux team put so many days and months of work to make this happen and they made it, but you know you are violating Apple rights.

    Seriously it's not cool on so many levels...

    I am banned from the forum I don't know why, but
    @kenny113 no it's not because of this. Making assumptions like this was bad from my side. I'm sorry.
    Iris is using his own logic of course, I'm also trying to create something good not to steal someone else's work.

    I just think that the way they are presenting this "We created it" and the way they banned f.lux was not cool.

  • @lorna: I think it would be cool, if you could tell us, if you or your work ist involved in this idea of Night Shift.
    Did Apple work together with you on this feature?

  • @danielng01 Yeah, that's my feelings on it too. It's really not cool. But, Apple doesn't owe shit to f.lux really, and basically, while I'm glad they did block the code on the sideload (the actual code), since f.lux didn't play by the rules, I guess Apple didn't think to give them credit. There's no rules for that, and it's fine, but it really would have been nice.

    I'm actually MUCH more pissed off about the bullshit 64-bit limitation of the night shift, that just infuriates the hell out of me. Anyway, (most) apple product users will get the warmer screens at night, and that's a whole lot better than Apple NOT making the feature, so I guess, thanks Apple, maybe android will copy you. Seriously, look at the marshmallow update, it's nothing but completely copying EVERYTHING apple, from permissions, to the text selection.

    What would be really cool is if Google would let f.lux in the playstore, and work with them on getting it to work on all devices.

  • @danielng01 Your disappointment seems to be rooted in the very bold assumption that Apple lifted code from RedShift. I don't understand this assumption. Apple is huge corporation with thousands of developers. They wrote the private API that is being used by f.lux, GoodNight and GammaThingy to implement the blue-blocking functionality on iOS. Why would they need to lift GPL code in order to utilize an API they wrote? You state that you are the developer of Iris. This is commercial software you are selling for $10 per license. I would not assume you lifted GPL code from RedShift to use in your commercial software since that would mean you are violating RedShift's GPL license as that would be unethical and illegal. Why would you assume Apple, who has infinite development resources and wrote the OS, is lifting code and violating licenses?

    I don't see how anyone could have expected this functionality to be implemented for the masses any other way. Obviously, Apple is not going to make a private API which gives access the the display hardware's white point available as a public API. There are plenty of ways this could be used maliciously and to make the white point change across applications and throughout the entire OS is violating the application's sandbox. The only way this could be implemented without jailbreaking is for Apple to bake it into iOS. We should be simply be happy we finally have f.lux like functionality in iOS. If we don't like how they implemented it, we can give feedback on how they can improve it and help the functionality evolve. But to get angry and baselessly accuse Apple of stealing code isn't helpful and is simply slanderous.

  • @poet-of-the-fall said:

    @lorna: I think it would be cool, if you could tell us, if you or your work ist involved in this idea of Night Shift.
    Did Apple work together with you on this feature?

    I'd also like to know!

  • We'll release an official statement about all this shortly. I'm quite certain they didn't take code from any open source projects. Apple's displays and devices team has some of the best color people in the world and they have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about this. (Also I don't recall a reason that you'd be banned @danielng01, we put in some filtering for spam so maybe your account got wiped during that. Sorry!)

  • This post is deleted!

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