Yellow on the side of the screen

  • Hi
    I use f.lux for maybe a week now and i'm experiencing a yellow tint on the side of my screen even when f.lux is set to daytime.
    I have an LCD screen on my laptop and tried to "touch" it. The zone widened and it got less intensive. Any ideas if you can still fix this and why this could occur? (The time i had my laptop on was pretty long; could probably be a reason)

  • Hmm, can you see if there is an update available for your video drivers?

  • Thanks for the reply. Just recently updated my video drivers... But over the course of the next few hours the tint "wandered" down, settled on the bottom of the screen and has now disappeared (at least i can't see it anymore). Seems to be some kind of hardware malfunction though.

  • Yeah, I would say that this is a physical problem with the display, probably due to age.

  • @aeroo Does your screen have a CCFL backlight (as opposed to LED backlighting)? If so, a yellowish, orangeish, or reddish field on one side of the screen, sometimes switching to the other side, is supposedly a classic symptom of a failing CCFL tube and/or inverter. My old laptop showed this behavior for three weeks or so before the backlight failed entirely.

    (I had been using f.lux on that laptop for maybe around a year. I don't know whether it accelerated the CCFL's demise, other than dimming and brightening the backlight a lot more often than I would have done manually. Regardless, I'm steering clear of using f.lux on CCFL-backlit screens from now on, just in case.)

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