Uninstalled, still got a tint...

  • so i got this to hopefully help save my eyes from damage... i tried to disable it a while ago, and it didnt work... i exited out of it... tried uninstalling it... and i still have this tint on my screen. not sure if its my monitor or because of flux... sometimes it flickers between blue and orange tint...
    if flux is the cause please help ;-;

  • @Kodykthnx open task manager and click "processes" tab. Look for "flux.exe" End this process if you see it. Then, if possible, try uninstalling f.lux again using the uninstall programs section of the control panel.

    If that's not available, just reinstall f.lux and see what happens, it should clear up the issue.

  • done all of this already... ;-; thanks tho
    not happening as much now tho

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