[Suggestion] [✔ Done] Option to use Location API on Win7+

  • Windows 7 (and later 8, 8.1, 10) exposes a geolocation interface [Location and Sensors API] that can be used to automatically determine user's current location.

    Now, there are two ways of designing it:

    Option 1: Just a 'Get my current location' button in the context menu / Location window
    Gets the job done, but needs some user interaction.

    Option 2: A 'Get my current location every 24 hours' option in the settings window
    Is more useful for frequent travelers , when schedule forces you to change location every week or so with up to 4 timezones difference, and you might forget changing this setting manually (<-- actual real use case).

    Before you say "OK that's a neat feature but F.lux's home is Mac, and we won't be bothered unless you can do the same in OS X as well", here's a blog post from 2009 detailing a similar API that's present in both OS X and iOS: http://www.cocoawithlove.com/2009/09/whereismymac-snow-leopard-corelocation.html

  • Yes we already have it done in a new version. It's pretty good!

  • @justgetflux sweet! I'm traveling and f.lux is giving me prompts, some detection would go a long way to resolving this! :)

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