Extended functionality request for the Alt + End keyboard shortcut...

  • Hello,

    My suggestion is this... Please allow users the ability to consecutively press End while holding Alt to add +1 hour to the temporarily disable functionality of f.lux. So users can add as many hours of disabling as they see fit.


    P.S. Please read my other post. My previous request hasn't been added to f.lux either.

  • Can you say what you're trying to do instead of how to do it? It helps us out.

    Features we have in the Mac version that we probably will move to Windows too:

    • Disable by app
    • Late-night mode so the sunset mode is less intense

    There is a need also for more flexible schedules in northern latitudes.

  • Sure! Thanks for responding!

    What I am asking to be able to do is add a custom "disabling" time to f.lux. Like say I wanted to be temporarily disabled for 2 hours instead of just 1. I could hold Alt and tap End twice to activate temporary disable for an hour and then add 1 more to that. Also, it would be nice if the on-screen notifier for this action let you know how much time you were adding to the temporary shut off.

    Although, adding this feature would mean that the user could not temporarily disable f.lux then immediately reenable f.lux with the same keyboard shortcut :-/. Would it be possible to hit Alt and hold End to immediately disable?

    I hope this makes it clear. Thanks!

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