Settings dialog does not scale with system font scale

  • In higher resolutions like 3200x1800 it's common to scale the font in order for it to be readable. I've done that on my system scaling the font size by 200%. Unfortunately, f.lux settings dialog does not seem to recognize that and as a result display in a tiny font almost impossible to read. I have to use the Magnifier to read anything and change any settings. Not ideal and doubt I would continue to use much longer if this isn't something in the works for being fixed.

    Is this a known problem that is being worked on?

  • It is on our list. The dialog is certainly too small. :)

  • @herf @Peter-Ritchie It does scale for me. I have my DPI in windows, oh O.K. that's something different huh? Well maybe you'd like to try changing the DPI? You can go to a programs properties and tell it to ignore the DPI when you don't want the effect.

    It's in "Screen Resolution" Right click the desktop, choose that, and choose "Make text and other items bigger or smaller". Choose 125% (mine is set to 150% on 1080p), log off, and log back in. This feature now scales the ENTIRE screen, instead of just scaling font like it did in Vista, XP, Windows 2K, and how Linux desktops do it. Maybe Linux will catch up in that regard, but Windows 7 has had this functionality since it's release.

    Also I modified f.lux dialog with "Resource Hacker" and changed the font size to 12 pt serif font.

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