How do I hide the f.lux system tray icon?

  • I want to hide the icon in the system tray, but there's no option for it.

    I saw another thread here suggesting to move it to the "hidden icons" area, but I have my system to show all tray icons (and I'm not willing to change that).

    If this isn't possible right now, this feature should be added because I certainly don't need to see an icon 24/7 for a program that has hotkeys and is essentially "set-it-and-forget-it".

  • Just set that one program as hidden, it won't affect any other. I don't understand what you're trying to do.

  • I'm trying to hide the icon. If I turn off the "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar" so I can hide this one program, then I get another different icon in the system tray.

    Your proposed solution just replaces the f.lux icon with a different icon, and therefore isn't a solution at all.

  • Hmm, have you tried just sliding the icon into the tray, and not changing anything else? I feel like that should work the best.

  • I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying, but I can't really be any more clear about the situation.

    Obviously this feature isn't present in f.lux at this time, so I guess all I can do is request that this feature be added.

  • Yeah, you're not understanding at all timpster. He just wants to get rid of the icon. He doesn't want it hidden behind that silly arrow. He just wants to get rid of it entirely. He wants exactly what you get when you uninstall f.lux (or when you don't have f.lux installed). Think about it: if you hide just one icon and ONLY one icon behind that Hidden Icons arrow, then you still have something sitting there.

    There is no way to do this right now. My best advice is to just ignore it.

    For what it's worth, I understood you perfectly from your first post.

  • @antnythr said:

    replaces the f.lux icon with a different icon

    What icon do you see in the tray when you do this?

  • @timpster said:

    @antnythr said:

    replaces the f.lux icon with a different icon

    What icon do you see in the tray when you do this?

    The arrow icon. Y'know? The one that hides other icons and you click it to look at your hidden icons.

    The simple answer to his question is that there's no way to do what he wants to do with this current release of f.lux. There's nothing more that can be done or said here.

  • Same happens to me all the time and it's pretty frustrating... Since a long time has passed and the issue is still present - can it be somehow resolved, please?

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