How do I manually control the brightness?

  • I want to manually set the brightness. For example in the evenings I have all the lights off and want this to be very dim and want it to be at bedtime in the middle or even more orange but it keeps changing to more lighter shade on its own. How can I decide manually how dark I want the orange tint to be?

  • Anyone? It used be the case where if I manually set the shade it would stay there but it keeps bouncing back to the auto brightness it perceives to be ideal for me but is not.

  • Sometimes changing one colour will change one of the other ones too. Try to pick your Daytime colour (usually daylight), then Sunset, then Bedtime - in that order. When you're setting the Bedtime colour, be careful not to set it higher than the Sunset colour, even for a moment, because that will change the Sunset colour. It can be frustrating. Check all the colours again before you click Done. Make sure your location and wake-up time is set appropriately.

    There's a lot of help in the Quickstart Guide.

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