Unattended/Silent Installation Switches for f.lux

  • Hi, i need help with silent switches to install f.lux silently, i contacted the support but no response,
    i am creating an auto installer and i need to use command line switches to install f.lux,
    can anyone help me? please!

  • Hi, our license doesn't allow third-party installers for f.lux. Can we help you with anything in particular?

  • I know this topic is very old. but it still applies to me, I am creating a recommend install package (via batch) which installs a lot of highly recommend programs, f.lux popped up quite a bit, and personally I think it should. It's a great program, and I use it on just about every device I have. The batch program silently installs all of the programs so a user just has to run the .bat file and wait, I'd like to add f.lux to my program but it has no silent install switches. If you could add it that would be great.

  • Yes I agree with Chris, I am single user and I want to be able install flux silently

  • I see a possible problem though. A part of the installation process is configuring the Location. Until that's set, f.lux will be waiting for that to be done.

  • Nvm, silent switch is /S.
    Too bad, flux doesn't have portable version.

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