[Sideload] Disabling Flux still has orange tint

  • I'm pretty sure I've disabled the app before and my screen is normal. But, now, when I disable it from the app, it will lighten up some, but there is still definite orange. I'd like to turn it off during the day and manually turn it on my self.

    I'd also like to make sure I can completely disable the app if I need to. Don't like that it's permanently on.

    Edit: I disabled it and restarted my phone. That set things back to normal. Guess now I'm just reporting an issue I had.

  • I have a similar issue... disabling Flux doesn't completely restore colours to normal. For that I have to disable and restart.

    Other issues include the 'flashes' of full blue-ness at random intervals and the way the app sometimes stops running and you have to reopen it to get the warmer colours again.

    Will you ever be able to issue updates to the side loaded version on non jailbroken devices?

    I'm using an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.1

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