F.lux caused Windows Explorer crash on Expand Range restart on Windows 7

  • I went through the process of expanding the range on my home desktop, but when my computer restarted windows explorer completely failed to load.

    I could see my desktop, and the applications that were set to auto-launch did open, and were usable, but there was no task bar. It's similar to when windows explorer crashes, and the task bar disappears and then comes back as windows explorer reloads, but explorer made no attempts to reload.

    I was able to restart my computer through the ctrl alt delete menu. This time, everything loaded perfectly, and f.lux's range was indeed expanded.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? I'm quite impressed by f.lux, especially the expanded range, but I'm now hesitant to install it on more of my machines because I've experienced several bugs now that are distinctly not-minor. Any ideas?

  • @Ashley-Allerheiligen I've not had that happen before. There are so many causes, it's probably best not to worry about it.

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