Screen flickering. Windows 10 and 2 monitors.

  • Hello folks, how you all doing?

    I've always used a multiple-monitor setup and flux worked just fine but now things got bad. I've upgraded to windows 10 and got a new monitor.
    Now every time I turn Flux on, the bigger screen connected via HDMI-DVI adapter-PC starts flickering badly. The other small screen, connected straight through HDMI is fine.

    I notice when I turn on MOVIE MODE it reduces the issue quite a bit. But not 100%.

    So would this be because of Windows 10 or Flux is not compatible with all monitors, which would explain this happening in my new display?

    Hope you can help me out.

  • Okay now I set light at night to 3700 and it seems to have stopped the flickering a bit, definitely LESS than with 3400.

    Weird. Anyone?

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