f.lux on Raspberry Pi 2

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    Hello, this question was asked a few months ago, but was never quite answered. I'm using HDMI on my Raspberry Pi 2. Is it possible to use f.lux? I have my MacBookPro (running f.lux) right next to my Raspberry Pi display and going back and forth is painful. It's hard to work on my Pi after 5PM.



  • in theory our xflux app could work, but we'd just need to compile for that CPU (which we should do!)

  • Thanks for getting back to me. Is there a mailing list I can get on to be notified when this happens?

  • Hi, can I please request an ARM build of this too?


  • Since you say, you should do a version for RPi, are there already any plans for doing that? Or is it just an idea at this point? Just curious, cause I really like that awesome piece of software and using it on my Windows system, but have an RPi as a media centre.

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