f.lux does not turn off after sunrise

  • I sideloaded f.lux the other day and its fantastic. Unfortunately, when the sun comes up, it doesn't turn off. I have to reset my phone every day to get it to stop. Is there any way to fix this? According to the app I'm using 1.09.

  • Let's see... there' a couple things that might be going on. Do you have location services on? Do you have notifications on? (both are needed to get timing right and keep the screen waking up).

  • I have both of those things on but it still doesn't change the brightness in the morning, I have to manually do it.

  • Can you tell me some more about your device and your OS version?

  • Hi! I have the same issue. It seems that this occurred since I have upgraded to iOS 9.2.

    The only way to revert back to daylight is to restart the f.lux app and changing the daylight temperature.

    I am running f.lux on ios 9.2 on a iphone 6s.

  • timwnl, you are lucky. For me even after forcequitting f.lux screen colors stay the same. I have to restart phone.

    iPhone 5 iOS 9.2.1

  • Hi Sila, all other whom are affected.

    I absolutely appreciate the work and effort the guys at F.Lux have done so far, but unfortunately due to the issues above I had to stop using F.Lux.

    Since Apple is going to introduce similar functionality in iOS 9.3, I have decided to use similar software instead of F.Lux. I can recommend (sorry F.Lux) the application 'GoodNight'. You have to side load it too, but I do not have any issues anymore with (automatically) restoring the temperature of the screen back to normal.

  • You guys realize we'd love to support this if we were allowed to, right?

    The sideload f.lux build got shuttered by Apple before we could even release an update.

    It would mean a great deal to us if you sent Apple some feedback letting them know you want them to open their APIs to f.lux.

  • OK, I've found out battery saving have to be turn off. At least this works for me.

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