Where to download for iphone/ipad, no beta link avail, what about update?

  • Love the desktop version. Really would like to install into iphone (8.4) AND ipad. Went to your link justgetflux.com/cydia but I don't see where I can download Cydia beta version (you mentioned before you need it to update...) Cydia is not available on App Store, don't see on the site, not sure where to find it anymore.
    Can anyone post a link and how to for iphone / ipad? I see there's an update coming up too? Many thanks (now that I finally fall asleep at a decent time, your app really helps, thank you!!) :)

  • Start with this on your iPad. Plug in your device to the computer and install iTunes to perform a backup of your iPad. Should you encounter any issues you can always restore back!!!

    Now getting Cydia is called "Jail breaking", your breaking out of the limits of the apple app store. Also this will void your warranty but you can still get help with apple support (they don't really care.)

    You'll need to install Evasi0n. This will modify your iPad so that it uses an exploit that took a really long time to find so that you can run the Cydia program.

    It's actually really easy, if rooting android was like this well I'd have mine rooted. That way I could use Cf.lumen.

    If you have any questions just ask -- my iPad stays jail broken andi haven't had any major issues.

  • Trying this post again!

    @Pucci If you have a minute please let Apple know you'd like to see f.lux in the real App store! https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html and https://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html - they listen to their users' feedback!

  • Hi thanks!!! I'm sitting in Hong Kong and all the Apple devices here are jailbroken, so I'm guessing I don't need Evasion? Assuming it's a jail breaking program.
    Did a search in Apps and don't see Cydia. I'm still unclear where and what Cydia is... and what exact program I need to download into my ipad... Don't I need an app?
    Sorry, totally non tech person here. ;)
    (Also iphone as well...)
    Thanks again. Hope I'll get there... lol.

  • Yeah, you need evasi0n I think, you have to have Cydia. It's like the appstore but it's where all the apps for jailbroken devices are! Give it a try!

  • Yes how do we download this. It's not clear at all.

  • Cydia should be on your home screen as usually a brown icon. It should be included with the jailbreak or you're not jailbroken correctly as you won't be able to add special programs without it.

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