Would like to have an option to adjust the brightness too.

  • Hello, f.lux-Team.
    The product has a nice idea, but in my Win10 the implementation is not working as expected.
    The color-change happens all in one second - there is no smooth transition over a longer time period.
    (Even faster than in the preview-mode to test the change)

    And at the end the color-change makes the screen too dark to work. As a result I have to switch f.lux off in most cases.

    It would be VERY helpful if there is a second option to adjust the brightness in combination with the color-change!


  • It's not supposed to be any faster than 20 seconds, but switch to the "Slow (60m)" transition time and change your "At night" color temperature.

    You can also adjust your Location to a place where the sunrise and sunset times are more accurate for your lifestyle.

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