Automatically changing backlight settings?

  • I have a desktop with a dual monitor setup (ASUS VS239s). In the past I have not used f.lux because, as others had reported, it would ignore the color profile settings and use it's own gamma settings. However, that problem seems to be alleviated under Windows 10 + these monitors. So, I'm back! Yay!

    So, interesting thing: these monitors seem to be able to respond to the backlight dimming hotkeys (meant only for laptops?). Note that this is SEPERATE from the color temperature adjustment, which seems to be the only thing f.lux is changing when it goes through the day/night cycle.

    I notice a pop-up that says "dimming until sunrise" when I use the dimming hotkeys. Is there any way that I can set f.lux to warm the color temperature AND dim the monitor(s) at sunset?

  • Alt+Page Up and Alt+Page Down doesn't adjust the backlight's brightness; it just changes the black level.

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