Is f.lux supposed to ...

  • ... drop all the way from the daylight level to the night-time minimum immediately after the sun has set? I /thought/ it was supposed to gradually transition down to the lower level throughout the night (like the "preview" does), not all at in one go. Or have I missed/ misunderstood something?
    Running version 3.10 on Windows 7.

    TIA, Phill W.

  • There is a slow transition option.

    We are going to make it the default soon. :)

  • Sounds like @EvanS wants a scripting language or something, so we can ship him a command-line version instead.

    But the usual rule is: 95% of people use the defaults, so you have to pick them really well.

  • @EvanS or divide your latitude by 2.
    or set it to zero!

  • @phill_w Well it is by default if you leave the setting (currently) labeled "3. " Transition Speed, to 20 seconds. If you change it to 1-hour you'll be a lot more pleased.

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