Timings for f.lux

  • Is there a way in which we can set times for f.lux to dim the screen instead of doing it with sunset. During winter, I don't want my screen dimmed at 5pm.

  • That would be a good feature - here it's dark at 16:00 right now and to have to delay it for an hour at a time until I finish work is a hassle. (though not too much trouble).

    Fix in the mean time, i've changed my position to the Gambia.

  • We will have an update soon that allows you to do more later at night and less (or nothing) around sunset.

  • Yes! watch this forum, we'll post info when the beta is up, hope you will both test. Remember when your days were nice and long everyone in Australia was sad for a few months...

  • What a timing! I wished for this feature for a few months now, I think "Disable for 1 hour" is my most frequently used f.lux feature.

    I thought I solved the evening problem with changing the time zone.. But then today I finally got quite pissed when I needed to disable it three times in the morning and at 10:54 it was still "3 minutes until sunrise".

    Feature like custom, time zone independent "sunrise time" and "sunset time" would be greatly appreciated. Also maybe custom "transition speed" in minutes, if possible.

    As example, I would set my f.lux sunset time to 21:00 (over autumn, winter and spring), sunrise time to 04:00 (to ensure screen is always in "day" mode regardless of whether I wake up at 05:00 or later) and transition time to 30 minutes.

  • I agree that f.lux needs to allow setting dimming to a specific time of day. I go to bed about the same time, summer and winter, but sunset is at drastically different times in those two seasons.

    I've set my location to the Galapagos Islands, about two time zones to the west of me, and on the equator so that there's not much variation in sunset time throughout the year. That way, my screen starts to dim at about 7 PM local time no matter what.

    Of course, I don't know if the Galapagos Islands have the same dates for Daylight Savings Time (if they even have such a thing), so there may be a problem come Spring.

  • I am currently using v3.12. Is this feature considered being implemented in the future or shall I/we find some workaround?

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