Network version of F.LUX for public windows workstations

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    I work on windows workstations in my university's libraries all the time. Their default screen brightness is way to bright (blinding), so I have added f.lux for windows to my logon script. Is there a command line switch, or can you provide a network version of f.lux for windows, that does NOT open Internet Explorer so as to display that thank you page? it's getting annoying to have to close it everytime I log on. Thank you.


  • So your registry is not synced in this case?
    That state is stored in HKCU.

  • ASU does not allow editing of the Registry by policy on its public and library workstations. Also, user account configuration information is deleted off of a workstation after user logout.

    A suggestion: This is why windows developers either add a command line switch for program configuration options, or else they keep options in an INI or XML file, if they know that their application will be used in network, public environments where users normally do not have administrative privileges.

    Please add this functionality, either in all windows versions of the f.lux, or else a portable version. Thanx.

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