Screen mirroring not working when f.lux installed-win10

  • Wondering if anyone else has come across this problem; my surface won't mirror to my television after installing f.lux. Even when turned off or disabled, I can't get them to connect. Works fine without the program on my computer (had to do a recent reboot because of microsoft related issue... Seriously microsoft, if you're reading this, fix the surface pro 3 before moving on to 4).
    But the good outweighs the bad with f.lux, so I'd rather have it than not. I've had trouble with the smart tv in other ways, so this could just be a Sony compatibility issue. Any ideas for workarounds would be appreciated.
    Surface Pro 3 - Sony Bravia TV

  • Our Surface Pro 3 just updated yesterday and mirroring works again here.

    Windows 10 is updating so fast we can't even figure out where the bugs are. :)

  • @herf You're right! It's working fine now, thanks for getting back to me. Love your work.