Where on hard drive?

  • I swear I used to be able to find f.lux on my hard drive somewhere, but it seems to have disappeared. It's working, but I want to disable it temporarily. It's nowhere on my task bar and doesn't appear in any of the menus to the left of my clock. (I'm a Windows user.) It doesn't appear in my Control Panel's list of programs, and it doesn't show up when I use the search function of the Start Menu. It's certainly not on my desktop. Where, oh where? Does its file have some sort of name that's neither f.lux nor flux?

  • @dstephen C:\Users\NameofUser\AppData\Local\FluxSoftware.

  • Thank you! The hilarious thing is that I realized the reason I couldn't see it was that I was remoting into my campus computer, and it was f.lux on my home computer that was operating. Duh.

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