(Windows 10) F.Lux causing flickering on dual monitors!

  • So hello guys!

    I might found a bug where my F.Lux is causing flickering when having it on night mode. I dont really know what more to say but what I can say its only happeneds on the second monitor and not the primry one.

    My setup is: Windows 10 pro (Upgraded today), Newest version of Nvidia: 359.0.0. i7 4790k, 12 GB ram.

    My monitors are : Asus vg248qe (The one that doesn't the problem), Samsung SyncMaster 226BW (The one that has the problem).

    If needing more information. Feel free to comment!

  • Just updated my Windows yesterday to 1511 (10586.17) and I experience the exact same issue as Thrillofit:

    • my primary monitor (LG 34UM65) flickers every second when f.lux starts at sunset, while my secondary Dell U2713HM works just fine;
    • my GPU is AMD Radeon R9 200 (HD 7970) with the latest drivers installed: 15.30.1025-151117a-296567C
    • although f.lux should reach 2900K, it seems to stop before that (on my primary)
    • if I open up the f.lux window, the flickering intensifies both in frequency and colour differences.

  • @Thrillofit What system were you using before the upgrade, and did it happen there as well?

  • @timpster

    Hello. I updated from Windows 7 to windows 10. I had no issue with that before but I got this to work now. I Reinstalled the F.lux and now it workes good for no reason haha.

  • My problem is now solved after a couple of restarts. All the drivers and versions are still the same. No new windows updates either.

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