Win10 (not an update install, used install media) F.lux does not work at all

  • No color selection has worked. Using updated NVIDIA drivers. Install is as old as windows 10 release.

    No effect on color or brightness.

  • Windows 10 installs with a really old video driver that has very few features, and automatic update usually fixes this within a day or so.

    You might have to update manually in some cases.

  • I already pointed out that I updated to the newest NVIDIA driver in my original post.

    I have also disabled Windows 10's permission to control the hardware drivers by automatically forcing updates.

    this may be a driver issue, but it isn't a windows update issue.

    I have NVIDIA driver version 359.0

  • Does f.lux working in windows 10 with nvidia geforce 309.08 driver?
    I can't upgrade from win7 to win10 if i don't have f.lux in windows10, it's the most useful app, i want to upgrade to windows 10 but with f.lux

  • @herf Additionally, I use a dual-monitor setup, if that is meaningful to the situation at all.

  • Got it - yes we are hearing about a lot of strange color calibration failures with dual monitor setups. In-house our Intel card fails to show a color profile if you use display "mirroring" but works for "extend". But it was working in an earlier driver.

    NVIDIA has been particularly buggy according to what we're reading and hearing. Have you tried any earlier versions?

    I assume the Windows 10 driver changes (google for "wddm 2.0") are for the better in the long term, but it seems to be a rough transition so far.

  • Thank you!! i installed win 10 before an hour, I installed the driver 309.08 on nvidia geforce 7600gs (which is "non" compatible to windows 10) and gpu working very well and flux too

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