F.lux starts even if uninstalled

  • A very strange thing happened to me recently. Yesterday I uninstalled f.lux and restarted my pc. Today I switched to another user on my pc, where I found a shortcut on my desktop linking to f.lux. I ran it in expectation that system offers me to delete this shortcut, since it doesn't link anywhere. However, to my wonder, the f.lux started! And normally works! I have searched the destination the shortcut links, but nothing there. Even if I go to properties of the shortcut and want to confirm, the system alerts me that the path isn't valid. The source destination was in user's profile of another user, so it links to another user's profile AppData. How is it possible it launches, even if there is nothing to launch? WTF?

    P.S. when I'm switched to another user, than the f.lux is running at, my screen flickers from time to time.. starting to hate this app :D

  • Well, I found the reason. In the column "destination" it linked to the second user, and there I found another installation of f.lux. In the column "launch at" it linked to first user, so it made me confused. Why there were two installations of f.lux, and the system's installation manager didn't know about it? LOL :D now it is solved, no f.lux in my pc ... I'll consider installing it again

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