F.lux won't let me change brightness/gamma

  • Hi,
    When I have F.lux running, I am unable to change my brightness and gamma settings. I have tried both the Windows colour calibration and AMD Control Center, but every time I try it just resets it. This is not a problem when F.lux is not running?
    Is there a way to prevent this? F.lux forces my monitor to be too bright. :(

  • Is this a laptop, or a normal computer? If it's a laptop, then use the laptop's built-in controls to change the monitor's brightness. This will change the backlight's brightness. Using other methods just makes the monitor produce more black but the backlight is still the same brightness.

    If it's a normal computer, then adjust the monitor's brightness using the monitor's onboard controls. This will adjust the monitor's backlight rather than just producing more black (which doesn't reduce the backlight's brightness).

    Anyway, so yeah, this is normal unfortunately. F.lux needs to stay in control of it in order to do what it does.

  • Something like this I have already posted here. Is your problem like the mine is?

  • What you can do is get a $40 - $50 hardware calibrator, and reduce the brightness in the profile it makes.

    My question is, in the daytime, at noon, is your monitor too bright at full brightness. Also could I get a monitor model number please? (I'm going to look for the exact maximum, and maybe minimum brightness if that's available.)

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