flickering between filter and nonfiltered. (win10)

  • flux isn't working on mmy win 10 system. it just flickers between filter and nonfiltered.
    win 10 - 64bit
    nvidia gtx 660 ti
    3 screen setup

    allready reported without any reaction.
    seems the flicker problem allover getting ignored.

  • Wow, I have the same card (Asus, heatpipe version)! I think the issue lies within Windows 10 drivers, as I have never experienced this type of problem on Windows 7.

    Edit, could you tell me more about your 3 monitors? What interface (HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort) are they using to connect to the GPU?

    Also in Nvidia Control Panel, under color settings, it will say to let Nvidia CP handle it, or other programs, what setting is currently selected?

  • hi,
    Monitors are,

    Eizo R22 - HDMI to DVI
    Samsung Syncmaster 204 - DVI to DVI
    DELL U2413 - Mini DIsplay Port

    Nvidia Panel set to let other Programs to the color management.
    drivers are all up to date.

    What i forgot to mention, i´m using a Spyder 3 elite to calibrate all 3 monitors.

  • Nice edit on the Spyder calibration! O.K. to troubleshoot this, here's what I'd like to do:

    • Unplug all but one connection, that is HDMI from the card
    • With just one HDMI in, let the forum know if problem continues.

    Then, I'd like to test with JUST the DisplayPort connection.

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