Problem with brightness settings

  • Hello, I have a problem while using f.lux. When I turn it on, it changes chromatic temperature to warmer, that is okay. After that I put my notebook to hibernation, and when I wake it again, usually after sunrise, I have problems with brightness control. It expresses in these ways: OSD of brightness control is still lightning; OSD doesn't show at all; brightness isn't adjustable; software providing OSD informations crashes. Sometimes works this or that, sometimes nothing goes wrong, sometimes goes everything wrong. So when I take it to hibernation or even sleep (but with sleep there isn't problem mostly), and then wake it up, the problem arises at about 50% chance. As I said, sometimes just OSD software crashes but everything else works (brightness control). Now, for example, nor OSD nor brightness control works. However, function of other special Fn keys and their OSD works well.
    So I thought about easy solution, disabling the f.lux to override and handle system controls of monitor chromatic temperature and just use it as it was before the changes was done to my registry. I mean that when I install f.lux freshly, it won't make the screen much warmer, but after clicking on a button to improve f.lux or something like that, other functions will appear. And I want to turn it back, because I think there was no problem before this change. Unfortunately I forgot where to change it, although I read of that once. Or, is there any other solution?

    P.S. My notebook is IBM Lenovo T60, with integrated Intel 945 GM Graphics Controller, and software from Lenovo. Graphics driver should be up to date, a few days back I downloaded it from Intel.
    Also please excuse my bad english, it is not my native language.

    Please help me.

  • O.K. to "undo" expanded color range, uninstall f.lux --- but pay attention.

    f.lux will ask you to "revert color changes", say yes here to revert to default windows settings in the registry.

    Reinstall, and do not "expand color range".

  • Well, thank you! I thought of that but wasn't sure it helps. I'll do it as soon as possible and let you know then. However, is there any other way to solve my problem and keep all the functions of f.lux working? I like especially the darkroom mode, it's really great at dark room. Once again, thanks for your quick response.

  • Well, from the information you've given which is quite a lot, I can't come up with anything other than checking if you have Intel color correction, or any color correction from a software program, check around.

    I feel that either you have changed software color settings with video driver software (Nvidia, AMD control panel) or a manufacturer (pre installed) program is altering settings. Since this is a laptop, that may be highly likely.

  • The reason why "Darkroom Mode" is called "Darkroom Mode" is, it simulates the appearance of a photographer's darkroom. That's why it's red and black and that's why it's called "Darkroom Mode". A photographer will use nothing but pure red light when they are working with negatives that aren't sensitive to red light.

  • Yep. And my eyes are sensitive, too. :)
    I have some software developed with graphics drivers. There are some settings, but now everything is at default. No color correction is switched on, even though there is some simple one, with ability to use settings in profiles, but it is not working as expected so that's why I started to look round for 3-rd party software.
    And also I have to mention, that this weird thing happened to me today.

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